We are hydro consultants / contractors and specialize in water and allied engineering services. We were established in response to the inefficiency in the water supply and distribution system in Nigeria.

We provide borehole drilling and allied water services as our core competence, but also provide services as:
- Development of water treatment plants.
- Water pump installations and retrievals.
- Water tank construction.
- High-end plumbing / water distribution.
- Hydro-geological surveys.
- Water analysis

We are built on the foundation of Customer Satisfaction. Our strategies are aimed at meeting the needs of our clients while keeping in full view our final customers i.e. the final consumers of the products and services we provide.

Our drilling methodology and processes are aimed at providing Long Term Value. To this end, AquaDrill believes in getting it right the first time and making sure that it stays rights.

We constantly remind ourselves of the importance of User-friendliness during our installations. Consequently, all our boreholes and treatment systems are easy to use even by children. We believe that this directly impacts on the value that the final consumer’s place on the water system.

To this end we perceive our role not only as providing a construction service to our clients but to the society at large.We therefore ensure that we are technically competent and socially responsive to the task at hand.